Our company designs and implements many diverse projects such as road works, as it flats, paving and asphalting roads, airport runways, paving squares and side corridors, constructing bridges, tunnels, railways, retaining walls, ferries, installing steel barriers, protection barriers, traffic signs, making paints, and installing panels being a leading contracting company and expanding  Our business includes major projects in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants.

We are working in this field to be supportive of our company in the implementation of mega projects in the field of water and wastewater plants and treatment and the most prominent projects implemented by the company Extension of water treatment plant Treatment plant, water and sewage

General Trade

Yanabi Akkas company has four main sectors: industry, trade, construction, oil services, and it represents the most important commercial activities, the most active and the most diversified and includes many fields, including import and public agencies.  It helps to reach all the institutions, institutions and countries exporting to the international and industrial factories and bears the import and local marketing activities of various commodities and industrial raw materials that differ from electrical and iron devices, electronic materials and raw materials, wood and construction tools.  Consumer confidence, as it is characterized by the longest warranty period in the Iraqi market, reaching tens of years, and that commitment to providing the latest advanced technologies and providing the highest levels of quality in all that has been mentioned side by side has an impact on building trust between us and the consumer, as this confidence is clearly reflected in market shares  To supply our products, our organization is different and the sole agent for a number of the largest international companies as it works  The company is involved in steel construction, sheet and metal fabrication, and everything needed to build steel, prefabricated houses, sales and construction, design and implementation of construction paths and prefab homes in Iraq.

Civil works contracting (general contracting)

The infrastructure works for urban and rural areas, and all that is required to complete the work is according to the studies and plans received by the owners

1- Bridge & Road Construction
2-Rainwater drainage
3- water projects
4- Executing digging works for canals5- Implementation of sanitation networks
6- Drainage of rain water
7- Building residential complexes

Steel Structures Construction

Yenabi Akas company has extensive experience and owns a fleet of heavy equipment that is necessary to construct all types of roofs and steel structures. We are ready to construct roofs of all sizes small, medium and large and do all the required work in this regard

In addition to the speed of achievement and accuracy in implementation, and the focus on using high technology to design and produce these structures using advanced software and smart production machines.

We are pleased to inform you of our readiness and readiness to immediately equip your needs of roofing and steel structures, according to the designs that will be prepared by you.

Site Preparation

Yanabi Akkas has vast experience and an impressive fleet of heavy equipment which are essential for completion of all site preparation projects. We are equipped to complete small, medium and mega-scale projects for new construction, and land development.
Earthwork, excavation up to required depth and backfilling, rapid compaction, installation of security fencing with gates and concertina barbed wire, demolish and re-route existing piping, installation of electrical poles and cables, complete field mark-up of as-built drawing and all exceptional items and construction of all necessary access roads

Site Preparation Electrical works contracting (general contracting)

The electrical works take a large area in our field of work and it is to equip the filter rooms from (air conditioners – two electrical distribution drums and lightning bolts – Rectfire batteries charging – cable leader – cable tree – the grounding of the devices in the room – the fire system – the door and fire sensor – the installation of batteries) . Local manufacturing cabins or what is called (two fires) Installing external communication cabins or what is called Installing electrical generators with plumbing for fuel tanks Preparing a grounding system and lightning strikes to protect generators and valuable communication devices from damage Collecting all kinds of drummers needed by radio communication sites from (Dashboard Distribution Electricity – Controlling Dashboard for Generators and Air Conditioners – Dashboard Dashboard Protection) Maintaining generators, changing batteries, solving drummers and stovepipes, or changing them to the site in the event of the customer’s request and installing 48-volt system fans from the site’s batteries instead of air conditioners in the event the electricity goes out or the room temperature rises For the site.

Electricity & Green Energy

Yanabi Akkas understands that electrical power is instrumental in the development and construction projects, and believes in its capabilities to provide distinct products and services to meet the market demand. Customers are offered a wide range of electrical products such as generators, transformers, power meters, electrical equipment, and other power accessories. In addition, they can get full support and maintenance services to ensure full functionality of the power system. Our spare parts are always available for any maintenance activities, and our staff are ready to respond to customers’ requests at any time. Furthermore, Yanabi Akkas has been always promoting green energy for years to concur with the global trend and respond to the increasing market demand in Iraq. It continues its activities on green energy supplying unique and integrated solar systems installed by professional engineers and technicians specialized in the field.

Oil Services (General Services)

The Akkas company for trading and general contracting, ltd. Works in oil services, by purchasing, supplying, transporting and storing oil derivatives (diesel – benzene – gas).

Water and sanitation

Yanabi Akkas Company is keen to provide high quality products and professional services to meet customer expectations in the field of water and sanitation, as a specialized work staff equipped with the appropriate tools and skills required to implement projects with high efficiency.  The company provides many products such as pumps, different water pressure and pumping units, water meter devices of various sizes and all their tools and equipment, leakage detection devices and locating defects, galvanized pipes and others, as they are supplied from leading international companies in this field.  These products are provided to customers throughout the year and in various Iraqi cities, with the necessary maintenance work and the provision of appropriate spare parts to ensure a unique experience for our customers

Safety and social responsibility

We realize that our presence as part of the community makes us responsible for the support and development of the local community and increases our interest in the support and safety of people and society (inside and outside the organization)

Mechanical works

1- Supplying all materials for mechanical work, including steel sheets and sections with various specifications, in addition to iron pipes and their accessories, pumps, etc., from all solid sources.

2- Manufacturing works (separating, rolling, welding) and erecting strategic tanks of various measurements according to API specifications

3- The work of laying pipelines for various oil or water products.

4- Fabrication of steel structures for all roofs of all sizes.

5- Lining and thermal insulation works for mechanical equipment of refineries according to the required specifications.

Residential complexes

Yanabeeh Crutch Trading Company for General Contracting Ltd. has the ability to implement housing complex projects in all governorates of Iraq according to modern modern methods in specifications and quality of materials from solid structures (including Turkish origin) and speed of delivery and by adopting the principle of (cost + cost-plus) as a basis for payments.
“From the company’s keenness to contribute to reducing the bottlenecks of the housing crisis in the country and to provide that would suit the Iraqi citizen.


Project implementation methods: –
For the purpose of making the most of the company’s capabilities in the field of residential complexes, the implementation of work by Iraqi cadres by adopting multiple work methods in implementation, namely:
A – Execution using the pre-fabricated building method that has been transformed into a durable building.
B – Execution using the (traditional) structural construction method.
C – Execution using the fund construction method, and this matter gives the executive staff of the project experience with all these methods
What is included in the project
Residential Buildings:
According to customer’s requirements.
Service buildings
• Elementary school
• Market
– working site: –

A- The external lighting network: – Erecting a street lighting pole with a height of (10,6,3 m) with lighting structures (250,125) watt of mercury type, (400) watt of sodium lamp type, and the use of the appropriate feeding cables for the columns.
B- Telephone network: – Using telephone cables with dimensions (70 × 50) with a telephone distribution panel of (800,200,10) lines and a quantity of 79 panels, or according to the customer’s requirements.

C- The sewage network: – Implementing a heavy sewage network with electric submersible pumps.

D- Irrigation water network: Executing polyethylene pipes with diameters (110,75,50,25) mm.

E- The pure water and fire network: It includes the implementation of fire pipes, accessories, seals and nozzles with manholes.

F – Rain network: – Execution using pipes of (200,250) mm diameter.

G- Water tank, pumping station, and chlorine room: – It consists of a building that contains all the equipment, for example “movable roof crane, compressors and pumps for drinking and extinguishing water.

H- Main electrical supply works: – It consists of high pressure cables (11000) volts with a reduced electrical transformer with a capacity of (1000) kVA, as well as implementing low pressure cables.

Administrative buildings

Yanabeeh Crutch Trading Company for General Contracting Limited has the ability to design and implement all administrative and service buildings with public or private sector departments in accordance with modern modern methods in specifications and quality of materials from sober mansions (including the Turkish mansion) and speed of delivery


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